What skills will A2B develop in graduates?

Today's graduates enter the workforce with high expectations and a determination to succeed. But they need to learn how to deal with other people and master new behaviour that will drive them forward and help the organisation reach its business goals.

We work towards four key objectives:

  1. To develop skills, confidence and awareness of new entrants to allow them to achieve a sustainable level of high performance
  2. To promote the ability of graduates to continually learn and develop
  3. To deliver real business results, not just a training event
  4. To facilitate change within the organisation to ensure it gets the best from its investment in new talent





Business Skills Development

New graduates need to know what's expected right from the start and to feel they are making a valuable contribution to the organisation. Key themes include:

  • Understanding the vision and direction of the organisation
  • Accountability and delivering results
  • Customer focus
  • Working within the company culture
  • Building long-term relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers^


High Performance Team Development

Looking, in detail, at forming, developing, working in effective teams.The programme covers:

  • Understanding own and others' working styles and preferences
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Problem solving^



Leadership Skills Development

Leaders of tomorrow need to develop finely tuned communication skills. Our programme covers:

  • Understanding leadership theory
  • Exploring and developing own leadership style
  • Openness to change and innovation
  • Negotiating skills and influencing people^



Powering Forward

Following the initial programmes, we look at providing a springboard for the future, where we work with your graduates to clarify personal vision within an organisational context.

  • Exploring progress to date
  • Examining current situation
  • Identifying strengths, key drivers and areas of passion
  • Creating a blueprint for ongoing career development^



Coaching Skills for Managers

Inspirational management is a key factor in graduate retention. Our programmes include a range of coaching and management skills to help line managers get the best from their new recruits.

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Motivating and developing people^