Graduate Development Hits the News

Graduate Development Hits the News

How do you get your graduates fit for work?

Back in April 06 press headlines were bemoaning the inadequacies of the current generation of graduates.

As ever, says Diane Alger the head of A2B Graduate Development, the media focus was sensational and somewhat unfair to graduates! The coverage was based on a survey from the Association of Graduate Recruters (AGR) claiming that almost half of British businesses feel that graduates lack basic skills for the workplace.

This is something that A2B had been picking up for some time says Diane. But what we were finding was not an inadequecy in graduates just a difficulty for businesses in understanding and getting the best out of a new generation who are bringing very different and unfamiliar attitudes to the work place. Differences in attitude, particularly ones as marked as those between many managers whose attitudes to work were moulded in the thrusting, corporate 80's and 90's and current graduates to who work life balance is far more important, will cause friction.

However all is not lost. It is of course possible to get very good results from graduates who are very able and skilled, if they are managed carefully. What A2B have researched and understand, very well, is how a business can get the best from its investment in graduates. We offer a comprehensive graduate development, training and coaching service and just as importantly know how to equip managers with the coaching skills they need to nurture new talent.

At the time we had a number of articles published giving a more balanced view of the issue raised by the media. For a free copy of our press release, that offers great advice on getting the best from graduates, please click here contact Diane Alger.

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