Over-qualification rife in the graduate labour market

A recent clash between the CIPD and Government has highlighted the issue of over-qualification in the graduate labour market.

A recent CIPD survey suggested that 58 per cent of graduates are in non-graduate jobs.

However, Universities Minister Jo Johnson suggested that the research 'Over-qualification and skills mismatch in the graduate labour market' exaggerated the problem.

"While it may overstate matters - official statistics show that in fact only 20 per cent of recent graduates did not find a graduate level job within three years of leaving college - it is clear that universities must do more to demonstrate they add real and lasting value for all students.", he said.

But Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, said the organisation stands by the report, which "shines a light on the extent of graduate over-qualification in the UK".

Whatever the exact figures, the issue would seem to raise a question over the genuine usefulness of many degrees in the current labour market, while highlighting a genuine threat to the ability of non-graduates to gain meaningful employment for which they are qualified.

Read the CIPD's response here.