N-Gen Growing Up Digital

N-Gen Growing Up Digital

Don Tapscott calls them 'Netgeners'. These are the current generation entering the workforce. They are the first to have grown up in a society that is networked and dominated by the computer.

His book 'Grown up digital' draws attention to the opportunities and challenges these people offer organisations. On the one hand they will offer organisations competitive advantage because they understand how social networks and fast communication can be used to collaboratively distribute ideas, target marketing and solve problems.

On the other hand engaging that talent may challenge many managers because 'Netgeners' want a steady stream of performance feedback, they are not satisfied with annual performance feedback reviews. He found 60% expect their managers to give performance feedback on a daily basis, whilst 35% expect performance feedback many times a day.

Unrealistic, impractical, not worth the effort? You make up your own mind. But before you do just look at how these people used technology to support the Obama campaign by reaching out and connecting people.

How accurate Tapscott's prophesy is hard to say, but what is certain is that this downturn will change. What is also certain is that some organisations will be focused on the long view. They will recognise that the capabilities of their managers are critical for engaging this emerging talent and critical in utilising that talent to position the organisation for the upswing. You make up your own mind.

Click here for a link to Donald Tapscott's fascinating site - growingupdigital.com