Graduate Jobs Squeeze

Graduate Jobs Squeeze

Graduates fear recession will lead to jobs squeeze

Many students graduating from university this year fear that a potential recession would hit their job prospects. The article which appeared in Personnel Today (April 17 2008), cites a survey carried out by leading management consultancy firm Accenture. The study, which surveyed 306 graduates, found that almost two-thirds of young people graduating this year were concerned that a weakening economy would result in fewer jobs being available upon graduation.

Almost three-quarters said they had yet to find a job, while the remainder said they would be graduating with student loans totalling more than £15,000. Despite these concerns, just 17% of students said they would compromise their personal job requirements.

Among the most important attributes respondents said they looked for in an employer were:

  • Fair salary
  • Interesting and challenging work
  • Camaraderie with colleagues
  • Formal training
  • Flexible hours

David Ritchie of A2B commented: "It's interesting to note that while many new graduates worry about a potential lack of jobs, only 17% claim they will reduce their job and salary expectations. The current generation of graduates, the so-called Generation Y, still plan to enter the workforce with strong values and demands that employers have not had to address with previous generations. Despite a dip in the economy, employers still need to attract, develop and retain new talent. A commitment to ongoing training and development is vital to ensure a motivated and talented future workforce."

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