Acorn runs Open Graduate Programmes for PCNW

A2B provides 3 one-day open graduate development programmes

Professional Careers North West (PCNW) exists to help attract and retain and develop graduates into the accountancy, legal and finance professions in the North West of England.

A2B provides 3 one-day open graduate development programmes to support the initiative.

Working – without ruffling feathers

Aimed at newer entrants into business. This course helps set realistic expectations and explore how to make the most of new opportunities – without ruffling feathers. The programme explores how graduates are perceived, employers expectations, common pitfalls graduates fall into and gives insight into effectively working alongside and influencing others.

Developing Young Talent

Those who manage graduates have a crucial role in their development. This programmes allows managers to consider their approach to developing young talent and builds essential skills of giving feedback and coaching.

Powering Forwards

For graduates who have been in a business for approximately 18 months and are now seriously looking at their next career steps. The Powering Forwards Programme clarifies personal vision for the future and defines the next steps in moving forwards.

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