Skanska's Graduates Power Forward

Skanska's Graduates Power Forward

Graduate Development with Skanska

The Brief

Skanska Integrated Projects (SIPs) is a subsidiary of the Skanska Construction Group, and is responsible for all of Skanska’s PFI and PPP activity in the UK building sector. Success in this rapidly growing area of work will place an increasing demand on people's ability to build and sustain solid, long lasting relationships with Skanska's many partnering businesses.

Skanska recognised that it needed to invest more in graduate development and its emerging talent pool, to fully realise their potential and to encourage the working styles and behaviour required to support and sustain its ambitious expansion plans. A2B were invited to develop the ‘Moving You Forward Programme’.

The Programme

The programme is a catalyst for development, to help shape and develop future leadership behaviours and to allow the sharing of best practice within the business. The development of this programmes involved working closely with Skanska over a period of 12 months: the final design consisted of a launch event, telephone coaching, and a bespoke 360 feedback process, followed by a residential element and post-course follow up.

At every stage of the graduate development programme the emphasis is on working with real workplace issues, and on generating practical results. Skanska wanted more engaged graduates, moving into senior roles faster.

Return on Investment

Feedback from the client shows that the graduate development programme, as well as achieving its stated objectives, has achieved some remarkable results. One particular team of graduates have improved a construction technique and shared the new best practise techniques throughout Skanka, saving the business significant amounts of money.

The client has stated that their graduates have developed to become a generation of talent that is already making a significant contribution to Skanska's business objectives.