About Us

Developing a new generation

A2B provides comprehensive graduate development programmes. We help organisations create a practical framework for the development and support of graduate trainees.

Our no-nonsense approach allows graduates to develop the confidence to take ownership of their personal development and maximise their potential.

At the same time, we acknowledge that inspirational management is a key factor in graduate retention. Our programmes include a range of coaching and management skills to help line managers get the best from new recruits.

A2B is a dedicated business unit within Acorn Coaching & Development, well known for the creation of innovative development programmes for some of the world's most prestigious organisations.


Why A2B?

A2B has gathered some of the best graduate trainers to provide the best fast track training in the business.

It’s a specialist service tailored to your organisation's needs. Our aim is simply to take your people from being consumers of learning to becoming effective contributors to your business.


Driving business success through people

A2B programmes are relevant, direct, uncomplicated and focused on delivering real business outcomes.

We spend time working closely with our clients to ensure any programme delivery tackles the specific issues affecting the organisation.

We pride ourselves on having a good long term relationship with every client. This means we really understand them and their needs - and deliver first class programmes that really make a difference.

Our style of programme delivery is engaging and realistic where graduates are encouraged to identify their personal learning priorities. The programme is focused on drawing links to their own work-related issues.

In particular we cover:

  • Future goals in relation to business objectives
  • Influencing people
  • Working practices and communication
  • Individual working styles and relationships
  • Review, learning assimilation and development planning